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UD's newest animation "Engage in our society!"

In Coming-of-Age Day of 2011, UrumaDelvi's newest animation titled "Engage in our society!" has been released.

In Coming-of-Ages Day 2010, UrumaDelvi has released the animation "Let's go to the poll!" which was very attractive to new adults. And in this year, they created "Engage in our Society". This animation appeal to them to go to the polls, because the polls are the first step to resolve many problems in Japan such as "A rise in unemployment", "Decreasing in numbers of children".

Three main characters "Usachenko(a rabit)", "Butamodoki(a pig?)" and "Rakudacchi(a camel)" comment on these problems with singing and dancing. This is so enjoyable!

So ladies and gentlemen of new adults, please do not forget to check the DVD-ROM in the souvenir of Coming-of-Ages ceremony. And other people may enjoy the movie on "NIKO NIKO DOUGA" site. Someone may upload the movie.