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"Feeling of the Day for iPhone/iPad"has been out!

"Feeling of the Day for iPhone/iPad"has been out!

"Feeling of the Day" App for iPhone/iPad has been released! It is free.
UrumaDelvi has been drawing pictures everyday for 16 years and created over 3,000 pictures. You can watch all of them and an upcoming new pictures on the App.

"Feeling of the Day" application features are:

* can browse the daily pictures with flick.
* can watch the pictures in the calendar list.
* can find the picture by titles(a part of titles is acceptable).
* Your favorites can be starred.
* Shuffle Mode: The picture is coming at random by every flicking.
* News Feed: You can get "UrumaDelvi News" in App.

The free version will display ads, and you can upgrade to the premium version with no ads. The cost is $0.99 at the debut price.

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