What is UrumaDelvi?

"UrumaDelvi" is Japan's top pop artist made up of "Uruma" and "Delvi". We are creating all sorts of art and entertainment including animation, music, software and any contents. The purpose of "UrumaDelvi" is just one: to make the world enjoyable and full of life. To realize this dream, "UrumaDelvi" is creating above and beyond categories.

Profile of UrumaDelvi


UrumaDelvi is an artist unit of two animation cartoonists "Uruma" and "Delvi", making Oshirikajirimushi a blockbuster hit.

Besides Oshirikajirimushi, "UrumaDelvi" is creating above and beyond categories, such as characters creation and animation of Shikato (Ugougoruga), Capsule-samurai(NHK educational channel's Eigorian), music Productions, software design and performances. Above all, UrumaDelvi handled the whole work of Oshirikajirimushi, including its original plan, character design, animation and even songwriting.

UrumaDelvi appeared on various TV programs such as R30, Takeshin no daredemo picasso, Youkoso senpai. Illustration, a special magazine featured UrumaDelvi in its 12 page special article. UrumaDelvi is said to be the most-watched artist. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry gave UrumaDelvi the title of "Super Creator".

Contact information

UrumaDelvi and Productions, a private limited company [Company's Outline]

For inquiries and information, please contact from here.

Main works


  • Let's Go UrumaDelvi
    • self-imposed Productions('92)
  • Mamagauro
    • (Asahi Broadcasting "Kyosen's not available English"TV, East/1992-1993)
  • Shikato
    • (TV program "Ugougoruga"(Fuji TV/1993-1994)
  • Odekake Makihara-kun
    • Noriyuki Makihara's CD Extra
      "Such A Lovely Place" (SME/1997)
  • Winter Day
    • Poem Animation
      (Imagica Entertainment/2003)
  • Mamiya Aloe Ointment
    • TV-CF(2003)
  • UrumaDelvi GOLD
    • (shockwave.com/2004)
  • UrumaDelvi DELUXE
    • (excite/2005)
  • Capsule-samurai
    • (TV program "Eigorian 3" NHKEducational TV/2005-2007)
  • (a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio
    • (UrumaDelvi Production/2005)
  • Tetemete
    • short animation series(MTV Networks/2006-2007)
  • Oshirikajirimushi (Bottom Biting Bug)
    • (TV program "NHK Minna no Uta" NHK/2007)
  • Delicious hot cocoa with milk
    • character design and animation production of TVCM(Bourbon /2007)
  • Sumiko Forever / I don't like your attitude
    • original work, character design, animation production and song writing 2008
  • Delicious hot cocoa
    • character design and animation production of TVCM (Bourbon /2009)
  • Shokichi
    • Independent animation and music (2009)
  • UrumaDelvi's "Go! Go! Election!"
    • (The Association For Promoting Fair Elections/2010)
  • UrumaDelvi's "Go! Go! Social World!"
    • (The Association For Promoting Fair Elections/2011)
  • Oshirino Yamaha Everest
    • (TV program "NHK Minna no Uta" NHK/2012)

Illustration & Essay

  • Feeling of the day[link]
    • Illustration diary(1995-)
  • Peephole of Urmaderubi[link]
    • Illustration essay(Almost Daily Itoi Newspaper/2000-2007)


  • Ukakakama
    • "Ne-Ne" magagine(Shufu-to-Seikatsu-Sha/1997-2001)
  • Ninpunopu
    • book(Shufu-to-Seikatsu-Sha/2001)
    • Reedited & republished(Aspect.Co./2008)
  • Ore-Boteshi
    • book(Adonis Shobo+Kawaide Publishing Co./2001)
  • Oshirikajirimushi Story
    • ("Kajiri no Gakko (School of Kajiri)"/Newly written picture book, Basilico Inc./2007)
  • Oshirikajirimushi Story 2("Daisuki Purin (My Favorite Pudding)"
    • Newly written picture book, Basilico Inc./2008


  • Bikkuri Mouse Theme music
    • music composition
  • Capusule-samurai
    • music composition
  • Oshirikajirimushi
    • music composition & lyrics


Bikkuri Mouse
  • Bikkuri Mouse
    • PlayStation2 Software(SCE/2000)
  • CLAYTOWN[link]
    • Animation production & Software supervising(Celsys/2002)
  • UrumaDelvi Paint[link]
    • Animation production software(Original/2004-)

Internet & Content

  • InterPot[link]
    • Network game(Nifty/1999-)
  • Annzan(Easy delivery)WEB[link]
    • WEB site(2001-)
  • SHOP UrumaDelvi[link]
    • Original WEB shop(2002-)

event & Exhibit

  • Bikkuri Mouse
    • Multimedia live show, being held on various places such as MACWORLD Expo/1998-
  • Exhibition of Today's Mood
    • personal exhibition, Shibuya Egg Gallery/1996
  • Snap Motion
    • Media art work, Nagoya City Media Center/1996
  • Pictures in Motion
    • Work shop, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography/2000
  • NHK Heart Exhibition
    • displaying works, NHK Heart Project/2008
  • A・La・Mode・Exhibition
    • UrumaDelvi Production/2008
  • Dekoboko Moters
    • Special design of attractions , Sega/2008


  • Mama-Gaulo
    • World Animation Celebratiion 1998(Los Angeles)
  • Bru-Tab chan
    • MEDIAWAVE 1998(Hungary)
  • Shikato
    • Animfest Zagreb 1998 (Croatia)
    • Annecy International Animated Film Festival 1999 (France)
    • 12.FILMFEST DRESDEN 1999 (Germany)
  • (a long day of) Mr.Calpaccio
    • Agency for cultural Affairs - subsidized film project 2005
    • Annecy International Animation Festival 2006(France)
    • nimfest Zagreb 2006
  • Bikkuri Mouse (Live Performance)
    • MULTIMEDIA GRAND PRIX 1998 Theater genre award (METI)
  • Bikkuri Mouse(PlayStation2)
    • MULTIMEDIA GRAND PRIX 2000 Package genre award(METI)
  • InterPot
    • 2nd Grand Prix of Technology, Application and Expression on Java 1999 (Java Conference)


  • Genius Programmer/Super Creator


  • A member of the board of directors of Japan Animation Association

Contact Information

  • UrumaDelvi Production, a private limited company [Company's Outline]
    • For inquiries and information, please contact from here.