UrumaDelvi Deluxe Terms Of Use


This User Agreement (Hereinafter, the agreement ) shall define the terms of use of the website maintained by Urumadelvi and Productions Inc. (Hereinafter "The company"). Users are regarded as have given their consent to this agreement by the use of the website.

Article 1 (Definition)

  1. 1.The service shall mean the service of data, text, still photography, video, music,software, etc(hereinafter "data"), provided on the website (http://www.urumdelvi.com/) maintained by the company under the name "Urumadelvi Delux".
  2. 2."User" shall mean an individual who browses, views, or uses the data.

Article 2 (Application of this agreement and Modification)

The company is reserves the right to modify this agreement accordingly and the modified version of the agreement shall be posted on the company website. Users who continue to use the service after the modified version of this agreement is posted, shall be regarded as given their consent to the modified version of this agreement.

Article 3 (Modification, Suspension and Discontinuation of Services)

The company reserves the right to modify, discontinue or terminate the service without notice or liability.

Article 4 (Copyright and Trademarks)

The copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property included in the data belong exclusively to the company. The data will be provided to the user for non-profit personal use only, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the provider of the data. The user may not use the data in any way that violates a part of this agreement, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the provider of the data. Members may not duplicate, adapt, sample, publish, publicly perform, broadcast, publicly transmit(Including uploading to a computer connected to the Internet), distribute, sell, synchronize record to a visual work, any data obtained through the services, information data, documents, statements, posting, software(hereinafter referred to as "Data" ) in any way that exceeds the limitations of private use set forth in Copyright Laws

Article 5 (Copyright of posted data)

Unless stated otherwise, the copyright of the data posted on the website by the user shall be transferred to the company. The User also agrees not to exercise moral rights. Users are regarded as having given their consent to the compilation and editing by the company of the posted data. The company reserves the right to publish or screen the data posted by the user, by giving prior notice.

Article 6 (Principle of self responsibility)

  1. 1. The User shall take full responsibility of the actions using the service.
  2. 2. The User shall resolve any claims from a third party relating to the use of the service, by his/her own cost and responsibility. The company shall be exempt from any responsibility.
  3. 3. The User shall resolve any claims against a third party relating to the use of the service, by his/her own cost and responsibility. The company shall be exempt from any responsibility.
  4. 4. The user shall compensate for any damages inflicted on the company or any third person through the duration of the agreement.
  5. 5. Members are responsible for preparing their own telecommunication devices, Software and any other equipment necessary for the use of the services provided at their own expense Members shall access to the services provided through a service provider of his/her choice, at their own expense.

Article 7 (Prohibited Acts)

Users shall not carry out any of the actions listed below.

  1. (1) Actions which infringe or have the potential to infringe any copyright or other intellectual property.
  2. (2) Actions which infringes or has the potential to infringe , the property, privacy, image rights of a third party.
  3. (3) Actions which discriminate, defame or mentally abuse the company, the club or a third party.
  4. (4) Actions which are disadvantageous to the company, the club, or a third party.
  5. (5) Transmitting of displaying any images or documents which may be regarded as obscene, child pornography, child abuse.
  6. (6) Transmitting electronic mail containing advertisements, commercial messages, solicitation and any other content that may be repulsive to a third party.
  7. (7) Actions which inhibit the transmission of e-mail of a third party.
  8. (8) Requesting the transmission of chain e-mails or sending e-mails in response to such request.
  9. (9) Transmitting hazardous computer programs or allowing the transmission thereof.
  10. (10)Pre-Campaign Activities, Campaign Activities or any acts done in relation, and acts which violate the Public Offices Election Act.
  11. (11) Unauthorized access to the equipment, or equipment used to provide the services (Telecommunication equipment, Computers, and other equipment and software) and any actions which may inhibit the use of ,or the operation of the equipment or any acts having the potential thereof.
  12. (12) Collecting personal information of a third person without his/her authorization or in a fraudulent manner.
  13. (13) Failure to submit necessary applications or obtaining permits.
  14. (14) Any action which violate any law, this Agreement, or offend the public order (prostitution, violence, abuse etc).
  15. (15) Posting a hyperlink to data in order to promote the above actions.
  16. (16) Cause a third person to take the actions listed above.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)

  1. 1.The service provided shall be that which is available at that time.
  2. 2.The company shall not in any way guarantee the quality or the result, and shall not be held responsible for any of the below.
    1. (1)The use of service fulfills the necessary matters of the members
    2. (2)The service shall not be suspended, timely, safe, and free of errors.
    3. (3)The data acquired through the use of the services is accurate
    4. (4)The data provided to the members is free from any dysfunctions, bugs or that the dysfunctions, bugs shall be repaired.
  3. 3.Downloading of data through the use of services, or through any other means shall be done at the discretion and the risk of the user. The company shall not be responsible for any damage to the computer system or other equipment owned by the user.
  4. 4.The company shall not make any explicit or implicit guarantees to the state of the services.
  5. 5.Any acts of providing information or data from the company or shall not be regarded as an act of guarantee.

Article 9 (Limitation of Liability)

  1. 1.The user understands that the company and the provider of the data shall not be held responsible for the following matters and gives full consent thereof.
    1. (1)Any direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages inflicted on the user. These damages shall include direct and indirect lost profits, business reputation, loss of data, cost of providing replacement, and other intangible losses.
    2. (2)Any loss or damages inflicted on the user caused by any of the reasons below
      1. (a)The user has given trust to the entirety, accuracy, or the existence of the advertisement.
      2. (b)Modifications, permanent or temporary discontinuation of the services.
      3. (c)Storage or transmission of the data acquired through the use of the service.
  2. 2.The forgoing clause shall apply regardless of the existence or non-existence of a prior notification.
  3. 3.Any agreement made between the user and the company shall not exceed any law limiting the responsibility of the company.

Article 10(Personal Information)

The personal information obtained through the service shall be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Company and Privacy Laws of Japan.

Article 11 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matters that arise relating to this agreement. The Governing law shall be Japanese Law.