UrumaDelvi Deluxe Privacy policy


Urumadelvi and Productions Inc. (Hereinafter "The company") respects the personal information of the users of the website. Therefore we will strive to protect the privacy of the users and will take due care in handling personal information.

The information that we acquire from the users shall be thoroughly protected by means of limitation of access, password, SSL Code. The Data acquired shall be used solely for the purpose of Urumadelvi.

The service provided shall be available to the users on the premise that the user has agreed with our privacy policy. Also, please note that this privacy policy shall be revised and modified without prior notice in order to improve its content, and the user has given his/her consent on this issue. Any revision or modifications of this privacy policy shall be promptly posted on this website.

Revised on April 1st, 2010

Handling of Personal Information

The company shall request for the personal information of the users (E-mail Address, Address etc) through sending E-mails, posting of information, purchasing of goods, application for presents. The information requested is necessary to provide the users with services and goods. The information acquired shall be given to Credit Card companies, Delivery companies whom the company has entered in a partnership with. These companies shall be obliged to handle these information with due care. The company shall not disclose any of the information obtained to any other party except for these partner companies. Notwithstanding the above we shall disclose the information if we are requested to do so from investigative officials.


We acquired personal information such as the access history and the entered contents of the browser, by means of a technology that stores and controls the said information called "Cookie". If the user does not want his/her access history and entered contents to be acquired through this means, the user may change the setting on his/her internet browser. However, please note that some features and functions of the website may not be available to the user if he/she chooses to deactivate the "Cookie" option. Please refer to the "Help" Menu on your internet browser for further details.

Surveys and Advertisements

With the prior consent of the user, the company shall undertake surveys via e-mail or distribute information containing advertisements of the products of the company or a third party. Please note that the information obtained from the survey shall be processed to remove any information that may identify a certain individual, and be given to a third party.


The entry form use on this website is encrypted by "SSL Technology" (SSL Technology is a encryption code which uses two separate keys to encrypt and double sign) to increase the security and secrecy of communication.