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This is a content featuring a dog character "DODOBONGO". We have a special content that only the people who bought "DODOBONGO" toys can enjoy.

Shokichi (Japanese)

This contents feature UrumaDelvi's newest charactor "Shokichi". Sorry, this contents are written in Japanese only.

Feeling of the Day

This is a drowing diary that UrumaDelvi has kept for 15 years.

UrumaDelvi NEWS

Various UrumaDelvi related news about works release, events, media appearance are shown.

UrumaDelvi Character Encyclopedia (Japanese)

UrumaDelvi has created over 500 characters to date. This is the encyclopedia of their characters. Sorry, this contents are written in Japanese only.


Paint & Animation Creating Application "PICMO(formerly UrumaDelvi Paint) ", which is developed by UrumaDelvi is introduced here. Through this work, "UrumaDelvi" was titled "Super Creator" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Hoketake Tsushin(Japanese)

Free subscription of the mail magazine to deliver the information of UrumaDelvi's activities. Sorry, this mail magazine is written in Japanese only.

What is UrumaDelvi?

This is the page to introduce an artist "UrumaDelvi". It also introduces UrumaDelvi 's production company "UrumaDelvi Production".