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Upgrade 1.1 and Price Cut, New Sisters were Born

Chelico Entertainment Inc. released PICMO version 1.1 and price cut the software. They released two more editions of PICMO for entry level users.

It is available that the free trial version of each three versions. You can use them for 2 weeks.


*PICMO Paint(New!)
2,500JPY(about US$30)
PICMO Paint is an entry application of PICMO family. It is a paint only software.

*PICMO Animation(New!)
4,500JPY(about US$55)
PICMO Animation has all features of PICMO Paint and is capable of making animation easily by using patent-pending technology "AnimClip™"

*PICMO Pro(Updated!)
6,500JPY(about US$80)
PICMO Pro has all features of PICMO Animation/Paint and also advanced features for making professional animation such as Baton-Mode AnipClip, time-line or etc.

Current users of PICMO will get annouce of free upgrade to PICMO Pro.

For further information, please refer to PICMO Web Site.