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UD's new picture book, "Funny Spooks"!

UrumaDelvi's newest picture book, "Funny Spooks"(Shiro-Obake Kuro-Obake in Japanese) will be out on Feburuary 1st, 2011.

Shiro-Obake Kuro-Obake no mitsukete ehon 'fushigi na tane de ohsawagi' "Shiro-Obake Kuro-Obake no mitsukete ehon 'fushigi na tane de ohsawagi' "
Price:1,365 JPY
Publisher:Gakken Education Publishing Co.,Ltd.


Shirocchi(a white spook) and Kurocchi(a black spook) find a mysterious seed, and this seed leads them to the wonderful adventure....

This books consist of detailed double-page spread illustrations. In this book, you will find more than 60 of UrumaDelvi's original spooks. Kids are challenged to find some characters, to thread a maze, to count up the total number of spooks and so on.

We believe that not kids but also adults can enjoy this book!