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UrumaDelvi Collected Shorts

On Saturday, July 11 at 6:15pm, UrumaDelvi, the wildly popular artistic duo, comes to JAPAN CUTS to premiere their witty, simple and highly inventive animations loaded with super-saturated colors, selected from their oeuvre of over 500 works! First aired on the public network NHK, UrumaDelvi's infamous animated music video, The Bottom Biting Bug swept the nation selling over 250 thousand CDs and a million ring tone downloads. The Bottom Biting Bug, and Sumiko: I Don't Like Your Attitude, the inner monologue of a charming 3rd grader who is too cynical for her age, will make their sensational English-language debut!

  1. Straw Mania (23 sec)
  2. Mr. Huge Head (1:04 min)
  3. The Four Birds (36 sec)
  4. A Night of Centaur (1:35 min)
  5. Rockeppe (1:11 min)
  6. Shikato (5:22 min)
  7. Rice Ball (1:20 min)
  8. Capsule Samurai (3 min, English Version)
  9. TETE x METE (3 min)
  10. The Bottom Biting Bug (3:32 min, English Version)
  11. Marching Giraffes (2:30 min)
  12. Mr. Socket (2 min, English Version)
  13. Mr. Calpaccio (7:27 min)
  14. Sumiko Forever (4:55 min)
  15. Sumiko: I Don't Like Your Attitude (4:03 min, English Version)
  16. Dodobongo the Rescue Dog (30 sec, English Version)
  17. Kasubiru (2 min)

Total Running time: approx. 50min.