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Delight Your Child at Heart


Serialized cartoons for over 25 yrs, masterpices 2,500 pics!


"UDTV" YouTube UrumaDelvi Channnel
Twin Obake Movie

Psychedelic Afternoon

A time has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Thhis is a support animation created to evoke fading memories. Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, song and lyrics by David Byrne


Anyone can draw a picture and make an animation

We made such a dream-like software with 

the University of Tokyo 


The Enlightenment animation for new adults.

We made music and dance, as for children,

a big hit on NicoNico Douga


Sumiko's song animation, with plenty of 

Japanese calendar Showa era feeling.

Made in collaboration with the apparel brand.

Bottom Biting Bug

After the NHK "Minna no Uta" broadcast,

it became a big boom nationwide such as 

music downloads reached over 20 million. 

UrumaDelvi created not only animation but also song

Capsule Samurai

Capsule-shaped Samurai? Capsule wear 

for Samurai? Nobody knows but 

they are Capsule Samurai.

Me am Boteshi

Serialized in Japan's famous WEB newspaper 

from Delvi's pregnancy to childbirth and a couple's child-rearing. Finally published as books.

Adults also have a "child at heart"

Because all adults are 

just children pretending to be adults

SHOP UrumaDelvi

In an era when we have to build all EC systems ourselves, we tried to make and sell products on the website

Bikkuri Mouae

We want to do a live concert like a musician! We thought that and hold Digital paint live show.

(This was the first time, continued four times)

Let's Go UrumaDelvi

UrumaDelvi's first activity was 

to show around this video 

the animations we made.

Seeking Reources

Mama Gaulo

 The characters and short animation 

for the famous moderator's 

English program became our first job


Hi-cut Panda

We tried live-action movie the first time!

The main character is the panda 

wwho has a hi-cut body pattern. 

Japan Cultural Envoy

Stayed in San Francisco, USA for one year with 

the appointment of Japan

Workshops are held every weekend at the museum. 

Wonder Disc

When you turn the handle, a still image starts to rotate, and at a certain speed, it becomes an animation. Media art work

Delvi’s Fortune-Telling

Delvi, the mother of Shibuya's fortune-telling.

Actually, We love to make such stupid things 

with our hard effort.

UrumaDelvi’s Customers are 

“Child at heart” 

not children


13 episodes of short animation were produced for NIckelodeon. It was produced as "Made by Bali designer who loves for American cartoon.”


Taking the color away from colorful UrumaDelvi ...

There is no division between the line and the surface and an image that can be freely transformed.

UrumaDelvi GOLD

Weekly short animations of around one minute presented by Shockwave.com. Later it was moved to Exite and became "Deluxe"


Grow trees and make friends ...

A social game made in an era when there was no word for "social" yet. (still going on..)

Bikkuri Mouae

The performance shown on the left 

has been reproduced on Playstation 2.

Use the trick pen to draw like a trick.

(Co-written with media artist Toshio Iwai)


The animation series just two deers walk around. We created these for UgoUgo, and later became famous and screened in the world.

Seeking Reources


Our second job was to participate in a legendary program on Fuji TV.

She made short anime such as "SHIKATO".


What UrumaDelvi Can Do 

 Create Strange Characters

 ・Draw Unique Pictures

 ・Give You Amazing Ideas

 ・Gather Super Creators

 ・Tell Something Plausibly

 ・Make You Are Absorbed in

Alien Staff HOKETAKE

send an e-mail report of UrumaDelvi. That’s fun!

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